Why Choose Us

Some Things You Should Know About Us
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Professional Staff

We are pride to have a professional staff with excellent knowledge and combined experience for years. Our creative team works with customers worldwide and to offer them various services that meet their needs to be competitive in nowadays market!

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Innovative Design

We offer inspiring, unique and dynamic designs that follows the latest trends to engage your audience and to facilitate users experience. We bring all your ideas to life in an innovative way to meet your goals and to help you be successful!

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Wholehearted Support

We are committed to support you in every time. We believe in our clients and want also them to believe in our work. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and satisfy with all our services. This is an added value of our company.

Our Services

These Are The Services We Provide, These Makes Us Stand Apart
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CMS Customization

We offer the complete and all-inclusive design and development of powerful websites and applications with the most modern, popular and robust CMS.

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Digital Marketing

We offer you different Digital Marketing tools to promote and grow your business and build trust to your customers

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Are you ready to build and grow your store online? Let’s us help you to success in your E-Commerce!

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IT Consulting

We offer advisory services how to use the power of information technology in order to meet your business objectives.

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Mobile Application

We help you bring your ideas to life! We design, create and develop mobile applications with high quality in every platform you want.

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Software development

We have a highly experienced and skilled team that can provide software solutions to your business that meets all your requirements and needs.


We have build fully professional websites with a unique design for different types of businesses as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, construction company, magazines, shops, personal blogs, health, non-government organization, government institutions etc. For more see our projects!


Our Experience
2014 - Now

Moves from joomlaplatform.com to 2lweb.al

Since we were offering more than Joomla services, it was to time to move to 2lweb.al in order to offer more advanced services for you.
2012 - Now

Responsive Websites

2013 was the year of responsive web design, so we could not stay back. All our new websites were developed using responsive technology.
2011 - Now

Started offering WordPress and Drupal

Rather than offering only Joomla services we started development in WordPress and Drupal too.
2009 - 2014

Started as joomlaplatform.com

It was mainly focused in Joomla web design and development. joomlaplatform.com


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Contact Details

  • Street. "Bedri Xhoma", Pal. no.30/3, Entrance 1, Floor 10, Apt no.31, Elbasan, Albania
  • +355 69 57 65 025